Loma Linda Restaurant front door
Loma Linda Restaurant

3611 Mt. Vernon Ave., Bakersfield CA 93306

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(661) 873-8095
Comida del Cielo award from LifeSavers Ministries Fiesta for Life Mexican Dinner and Auction

Loma Linda won the "Comida del Cielo" award for the best food item at the 2007 Fiesta for Life!

"My Family's Favorite"

Whenever my son or daughter is home from college, they have to go to Loma Linda. Loma Linda is the touchstone restaurant against which they compare all other Mexican restaurants. I took my older sister and brother-in-law--very picky eaters--and now they plan their visits through town to coincide with a meal at Loma Linda.

- unsolicited comment from TripAdvisor.com